Women being Sexualised in Advertising

Cultural text: Coco Mademoiselle Chanel- The Film.

To analyse my cultural text I need to look at other sources and ideas about the advertising industry. Emily Hoyle states:

Author, journalist and broadcaster Natasha Walter authored a book called “Living Dolls, The Return of Sexism” a particularly influential book on the topic of feminism. The book’s theorisation is that sexualisation is being sold to women under the ideological guise of feminism and liberation. However is the theory that women sexualise themselves through confusion and brainwashing from the sex industry and mass media slightly one sided?

This can be greatly seen in the perfume advertising industry.

Not everybody seeing this advertising is persuaded to buy the product.

A female listener recently complained to BBC Radio 4 about a ‘provocative’ advertisement in John Lewis Kingston for their bra fitting service. The advertisement was displayed in their canteen and featured a ‘curvy’ female model with long hair, wearing only lingerie, throwing her head back and pouting her lips. Although only one person; the advert appears in 30 stores; complained about the advertisement that made her feel uncomfortable (in particular it was the look on the model’s face) and even though she described herself as ‘desensitized to sexism’ she felt it was inappropriate for John Lewis to display such an advertisement.This sparked a debate regarding sexualised imagery of women and BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour spoke to Jo Hooper the Head of Womenswear at John Lewis regarding this complaint. Both the person who complained and the presenter compared the image to ‘Page 3’; as Jo explained “…what I would challenge your listeners and our customer to do is look at this image in the appropriate context.”


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